5 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Jul 22, 2022

5 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Struggling with weight loss? You aren’t alone. Many more factors are involved in safe, lasting weight loss than just diet and exercise. A medical program can help you.

According to a recent survey, one in three American adults is obese. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re not alone. Many people find they can lose weight in the short term with fad diets, but struggle to keep the weight off on their own. 

That’s because diet plans and exercise routines can only take you so far when you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re tired of constantly struggling to lose weight or seeing your weight fluctuate with no apparent rhyme or reason, medical weight loss could be right for you.

At Lakepointe Direct Primary Care in Lewisville, Texas, Dr. Marcelo Brito helps patients who are struggling with their size to pursue a healthier life through medical weight loss. Medical weight loss can help you not just lose weight but keep it off over time. 

Here are just five of the benefits of medical weight loss: 

1. Lab work

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easy to be hard on yourself, or feel like you’re just letting yourself down. What if it’s not you, but an underlying health problem? With a medical weight loss program, we conduct lab work to uncover underlying reasons for stubborn weight gain.

2. Tailored diet plans

We work with you to help plan out your meals. The goal is to find foods you enjoy, build your meals around them, and ensure you don’t get too many or too few calories. We also take your daily schedule into account to help ensure your blood sugar levels stay stable and you don’t feel hungry or deprived.

3. Customized exercise routines

Maybe you're finding it hard to work out because of an injury, disability, or health condition. We carefully adjust your activity to account for such limitations while making sure your body gets the exercise it needs to keep your metabolism and digestion on track.

4. Realistic goals

Fad diets and workouts promise ridiculous and sometimes unsafe weight loss in a staggeringly short time. Our plans help you lose weight slowly and consistently, and space milestones out in an achievable but reasonable way so you can stay motivated.

5. Accountability

When you are losing weight, it helps to have a team on your side. We’re here for you throughout your weight loss journey, to check-in and make sure you’re staying with the program and to make adjustments if necessary.

GLP-1 medications

If you’ve tried many times to lose weight but keep gaining it back, you’re not alone. Your body is coded to think fat reserves are good for you, a holdover from centuries past when food scarcity occurred in cycles. 

When you finally feel like you’ve reached your target weight, your metabolism can change. Hormones start fluctuating, your appetite goes into overdrive, and you start gaining weight back fast.

Our providers can prescribe GLP-1 medications to help regulate your appetite, hormone levels, and blood sugar so you don’t fall into a cycle of weight loss followed by hunger, overeating, and weight gain. 

These medications (Semaglutide and Liraglutide) simply make you feel less hungry and more satiated with less food. This naturally leads to lower calorie consumption, and can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Want to know more? Schedule a consultation at Lakepointe Direct Primary Care to begin your medical weight loss program. To get in touch, call 972-573-7228 or book an appointment online.