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Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine services offered in Lewisville, TX

Staying focused on your health is essential to living a long, healthy life. At Lakepointe Direct Primary Care, Marcelo Brito, MD, and Monica Gonzalez, FNP, offer a wide range of preventive care services on-site for children and adults. The team specializes in routine physicals, immunizations, and specialized health exams for women and men. Call the Lewisville, Texas, office today or book an appointment online to schedule a preventive medicine consultation.

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is a health care specialty that focuses on protecting your long-term health and wellness. Preventive medicine works to reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases by identifying warning signs in their earliest stages.

Through the preventive medicine services available at Lakepointe Direct Primary Care, you can also learn how to increase and maintain your wellness so that you can enjoy a high-quality, physically active life.

Which preventive medicine services are available?

To help you maintain your long-term health and longevity, Lakepointe Direct Primary Care offers several preventive medicine services on-site, including:


Physicals are thorough medical exams that you schedule at least once a year, even when you’re feeling well. This routine exam allows the team to evaluate your overall health and track changes from one year to the next.

Women’s health exams

Women’s health exams involve a physical exam plus pelvic and breast exams. The goals of women’s health exams are to identify breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other gynecological conditions.

Men’s health exams

Men’s health exams also involve a physical plus specialized diagnostic testing to identify prostate cancer and other conditions that affect men’s health.

Lakepointe Direct Primary Care also offers on-site testing services for the various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including gonorrhea, syphilis, and human papillomavirus (HPV).

What can I expect during preventive medicine consultations?

At your first preventive medicine consultation, the caring, knowledgeable medical providers at Lakepointe Direct Primary Care spend time reviewing your personal and family medical histories and discussing concerns you have about your health.

They also complete a physical exam to check for inflammation, pain, and other signs of a chronic illness. The team usually requests blood work, urine tests, or other diagnostic procedures to better understand your overall health.

Men and women can undergo specialized diagnostic evaluations so that the team can assess their risk factors for diseases like breast cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer.

After your exam is complete, the team can update your vaccinations against contagious diseases like hepatitis, chickenpox, and the seasonal flu. The team can also recommend lifestyle and diet changes you can make to improve your health. They offer medically supervised weight loss and other services to lower your risk of chronic health conditions.

Call Lakepointe Direct Primary Care today or go online to schedule a preventive care appointment.